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Monday, October 13, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray for YOU!

It all happened innocently enough.  I needed an art table for the kids.  So I googled "children's art table."   Among my choices popped up something along the lines of:  "Build Your Own Modern Art Table."  Now I have no time for building art tables but we live in a kinda cool modern house and thought a modern art table would look just fabulous.  So I clicked on it.   And sure enough, it WAS a cool modern art table...built by a really cool mom. Not only did this mom design this table, she bought all the stuff for it, used tools to put it all together and now her gorgeous kids do fabulous art on it.  

Wow..."who has time for this?" I thought.  Then I innocently clicked around this cool mom's blog and saw she had also had a garden. And she uses her homegrown herbs and vegetables in her kitchen to delight her family with fabulous dishes. And then it dawned on me...not only did she find the time to build an art table, plant a garden, take care of the garden, harvest the garden, and prepare yummy meals, she found the time to BLOG about it.   

OK, if she can do all that, then surely I can build this art table, I found myself thinking (although if I really paid attention, I would have realized I was just pissed off.)  Okay, I can do this building furniture thing.   The table would look perfect in our kids' art will be even more kid-artsy.. my children deserve a cool mom who builds things.... and then I snapped out of it.  I was wasting time. Precious seconds during "nap time."  I had other real things to FIND an art table!  Or clean the kitchen or... you know the drill. Here I was contemplating the truly impossible.  There was no more chance of me building that table than me eating Sushi for dinner. (I don't eat Sushi even though I live in L.A. - I know, I know.)

What started out as a happy foray into the world of children's art tables landed me in a confusing state of mild depression and sinking self-worth. Yikes.  

And then I had a flashback to a conversation I had had with a friend over a year ago after we both had recently given birth to our third kids.  She was telling me how she was feeling a bit anxious as she compared herself to other moms who shared their daily escapades through their blogs.  I mean, at least she had a blog, but she felt other moms had way better blogs than she did.  It also seemed that other moms did cooler things with their kids, more educational, more creative, more organic, more...just more.  And better. And then after my accidental run-in with the homemade modern art table, I was feeling the same way.  Like a big ol' lamo.
But why????

The modern mom has a slew of stuff on her over-achieving brain and now we have to add comparing blogs to our list?   And what if we don't even HAVE a blog?  Where does that leave us?  

It seems it's all coming down to a line drawn in the sand - moms who blog and moms who don't.   I'm so a mom who does not blog but I felt the need to reach out to other poor on-the-brink moms who might encounter a homemade piece of furniture, or some hand-sewn girls' cutie dress, or another organic vegetable garden and have her day go just that much further down the drain.   
So this seed was planted and a creative outlet needed in the middle of my beautifully never-ending days with my three breathtaking children.  I'm not sure how it will all unfold or if it will simply fold, but I guarantee you, you unknown mom with or without a blog out there in blogland, this site will not intimidate.  

P.S.  I never got an art table. But my mom ended up buying my girls some very useful organizational art tools. 

Cool Art Caddy and Shelves from Lakeshore 


  1. Great blog - I decided to start from the beginning. Of course, I couldn't help notice that you have your supplies labeled! Wow! You're already ahead of the game as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Oh Julia - you're right - the labels can definitely make it seem like I'm way ahead of the game...well, we do have a little Brother P-Touch that my man got a while back and my 6-year-old likes to operate it so it was a little project we did together....and she did all of the flower decorating.

    How astute of you to notice... : - )

  3. hi, oh what a relief it is to read a blog where inadequacies and faults are celebrated and that not all of us are supermoms who can knit and cook our way through a paperbag! or moms who work outside the home and go on fabulous vacations...or run blogs and did i mention do more crafty things. so thank you. i celebrate my inadequacies with you. i'm not terrible, but i'm not up there either, ha. i like what i see.


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